VR-Related Presentations & Publications
1981 - 2017

Michael Naimark

Recent Presentations

Opening Keynote, "Besides the Screen: VR, Volumetric Cinema, and Space Control", Vitoria, Brazil, May 2017.

Opening Keynote, “Collisions: VR, Immersive Art, and Technology”, The 14th Factory / VRLA, Los Angeles, Apr 2017.

Workshop, Virtual Reality for Artists, Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film, Singapore, Dec 2016

Presentation, Digital Futures Program, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Oct 2016

Opening Keynote, First VR Creative Doc Lab, Canadian Film Centre, Toronto, Oct 2016

Opening Keynote, "Weird Reality: VR, Art, and Code", CMU, Pittsburgh, Oct 2016

Presentation, "Cameras, Interactivity, and VR", NYU ITP, Feb 2016

Panel Chair, "Virtual Reality's Creative Landscape," Hacking Arts 2015, MIT Media Lab, Sep 2015. (slideshow)

Presentation, "Thereness: On Place and Virtual Reality," Designers & Geeks, San Francisco, Sep 2015. (video, 40 min)

Presentation, "Art & Invention", Gray Area Art Festival, San Francisco, May 2015 (video, 20 min)
(also at UMich, UTDallas, NewSchool, NYU, Bennington, and Banff Centre all in Oct and Nov 2014).

Presentation, "Stereo Pano Ciné", Friday Tech Talk (first ever), Jaunt VR, Palo Alto, Feb 2015.

Presentation, "VR Form and Content", Digital Town Square, USC Entertainment Technology Center, Nov 2014.

Presentation, "Thereness", Image as Location Conference, UC Berkeley, Oct 2014. (video)

Keynote, "VR Cinematography", First International Symposium on Immersive Creativity, Société des Arts Technologiques, Montreal, May 2014. (slideshow)

Presentation, "Cycloramas Re-Imagined", USC Institute for Creative Technologies, Apr 2014. (slideshow)

Invited Panelist, "Camera Arrays for Surround Photography", Cinegrid 2013, UC San Diego, Dec 2013. (slideshow)

Keynote, "Longterm Trends in Art & Research", ISEA 2013, 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Sydney, Jun 2013.

Presentation, "Defusing Glass: Google's Critical Mission", Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Jun 2013. (video)

Presentation, "Place Representation and the 'One Earth' Model", MIT Media Lab, May 2011. (slideshow)

Presentation, "Representing Earth", Stanford Seminar on People, Computers, and Design, Mar 2010. (video)

Class, "Representation Earth", NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, Fall Semester 2009. (blog)

Juried Publications

"Being Early: Challenges and Opportunities as VR Grows Up", Presence, 25th Anniversary Issue, MIT Press, 25.2, Nov 2016. (embarged until post-publication)

"Aspen the Verb: Musings on Heritage and Virtuality", Presence, Special Issue on Virtual Heritage, MIT Press, 15.3, June 2006.

"Two Unusual Projection Spaces", Presence, Special Issue on Projection, MIT Press, 14.5, October 2005.

"VR Webcams: Time Artifacts as Positive Features", ISEA 2002 Proceedings, Nagoya, Japan, October 2002.

"Field Recording Techniques for Virtual Reality Applications", IEEE VSMM '98 Proceedings, Gifu, JAPAN, 1998.

"A 3D Moviemap and a 3D Panorama", SPIE Proceedings Vol. 3012, San Jose, 1997.

"Presence and Abstraction in the Age of Cyberspace", Consciousness Reframed Proceedings, CAiiA, University of Wales, Newport, WALES, 1997.

"Expo '92 Seville", Presence, MIT Press, 1.3, Summer 1992.

"Elements of Realspace Imaging: a Proposed Taxonomy", SPIE Proceedings, vol. 1457, San Jose, 1991.

"Spatial Correspondence in Motion Picture Display", SPIE Proceedings, vol. 462, Optics and Entertainment, Los Angeles, 1984.

Book Chapters

"Calculated Risk", Forward for A Guide to Good Practice in Collaborative Working Methods and New Media Tools Creation, L. Goodman and K. Milton, Eds., London, UK: Arts and Humanities Data Service, 2004.

"Sensory Anomalies", in Design Research: Methods and Perspectives, B. Laurel, Editor, Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2003.

"Art ("and" or "versus") Technology: Some Personal Observations", in Art@Science, Christa Sommerer, editor, Vienna and NY: Springer Press, 1997.

"Field Recording Studies", in Immersed in Technology, Mary Anne Moser, editor, Cambridge: MIT Press, 1996.

"Realness and Interactivity", in The Art of Human Computer Interface Design, B. Laurel, editor, NY: Addison Wesley, 1990.

Journals and Art Catalogs

"A Big, Slow, Global Approach to VR: Silicon Valley's Blind Spot," Canadian Film Centre News Blog, Toronto, May 2017.

"VR Interactivity: Some Useful Distinctions," Medium.com, October 2016

"VR Cinematography Studies for Google," Medium.com, June 2016

"VR Today", Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Vol. 9:5, May 2001.

"First Word Art / Last Word Art", FineArtForum Vol. 55:8, May 2001.

"Where are the Anthropologists?", Leonardo Electronic Almanac Vol. 9:1, January 2001.

"Interactive Art: Maybe it's a Bad Idea", Cyberarts, International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica, H. Leopoldseder-C. Schopf, editors, Vienna and NY: Springer Press, 1997.

"See Banff! - a kinetoscope - 100 years later", NTT InterCommunication Journal, No.14, Tokyo, JAPAN, 1995.

"Interactive Art and the Myth of Everything-ness", Ars Electronica catalog, Linz, 1994.

"EAT - A Virtual Dining Environment", Tomorrow's Realities catalog, Siggraph, Las Vegas, 1991.

"VBK - A Moviemap of Karlsruhe", Tomorrow's Realities catalog, Siggraph, Las Vegas, 1991.

"Moviemap Basics", Multimediale 2 catalog, Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany, 1991.

"Media Glasses, Media Windows and Media Doors", Kanagawa International Art and Science Exhibition catalog, 1989.

"The Question Machine", Whole Earth Review, no. 65, Winter 1989.

"Some Notes on Movies and Form", Video 80, San Francisco International Video Festival, 1981.