michael naimark
Be Now Here Triptych (prototype)

Be Now Here Triptych is a variation of Be Now Here, a 3D panoramic installation produced in 1995-1997. This variation incorporates three screens configured as a 180 degree half-hexagon. Each screen plays synchronized two-minute loops of the original BNH footage, shot on location in Jerusalem, Dubrovnik, Timbuktu, and Angkor.

These loops are offset such that the triptych forms a continuous 180 degree view. In 2001-2002, the original BNH footage was used to explore these qualities of spatial and temporal artifacts, resulting in several video studies (here and here and here) as well as an ISEA 2002 paper.

In 2008, the original 35mm stereoscopic footage was retransferred to high-definition digital video, which at the time was cost prohibitive. After 12 years, advances in HD storage and display have finally made it possible for Be Now Here to be seen as it was shot.

Be Now Here Triptych was commissioned by Ars Electronica as a preview installation for "80+1: A Global Voyage," a project for Linz09, European Capital of Culture, 2009. In addition to being publicly on-view in 2008, its role is to ask "what's next?" for 2009.


"Degrees of Immersion," Helen Lindhurst Gallery, Rosky School of Fine Arts, USC, 2008


Produced for the
Ars Electronica Future Lab, Linz, Austria
in association with the
Interactive Media Division, USC School of Cinematic Arts

Concept and Direction: Michael Naimark

Principal Collaborators: Marientina Gotsis, Eli Rarey, Peter Preuss, and Todd Furmanski; Peter Wimmer @3dtv.at and Christopher Lindinger @aec.at

Additional Collaboration and Thanks: Richard Weinberg, Mark Bolas, and Perry Hoberman; Drew Vinciguerra and Lenny Lipton @RealD.com and Mark Mine @Disney.com

(21 sec)