michael naimark

EAT is an art installation about consumption. It was produced as a class project for Michael Naimark's "Virtual Environments" class in 1989 at the San Francisco Art Institute where it received an SFAI Spring Show Gold Award.

EAT is a short single-user experience, where the participant is seated alone at a formal dining arrangement and orders food from a live waiter with a menu. The waiter then lifts up the plate cover, revealing the requested "food" projected on the dinner plate. Also on the table, a large red button labelled EAT may be pressed.

EAT consists of a formally arranged dining table, video projector, videodisc and player, Mac II computer, hardcopy menu and guest checks, and live performer. The table, props, menu, guest checks, videodisc, and programming were all produced by the class.

See Also:

"Fine Cheap Virtual Food," Siggraph 1991 catalog


La Triennalle di Milano, Milan, Italy, 1992

Siggraph Tomorrow's Realities Gallery, Las Vegas, 1991

Whole Earth Cyberthon, San Francisco, 1990

Mill Valley Film Festival, 1989

San Francisco Art Institute, 1989


Conceived and Produced by
Michael Naimark's Virtual Environments class,
San Francisco Art Institute, 1989

Chief Chef Charles Lassiter
Maitre d' Erik Slavin

Karl Anderson, Susan Bahns, Nona Brady, Ben, Shelley Cook, Michal Goralsky, Hank Hivnor, Charles Lassiter, James McNamara, Bruce Miller, Scott Segall Shat, Erik Slavin, and Peter Strietmann

Thank You:
Steve Gano, Steve Lambright, Bay Area Video Coalition, Crawford Communications, the Apple Multimedia Lab

Generous Support:
Sally Nathan Rosenthal, Ann Hatch and the Tamarack Foundation