michael naimark

Eyepiece is a 16mm film installation, where an image of a human eye is projected onto a custom-made rear-screen dome, thus become 3D. Eyepiece was originally produced using raw footage of human eyeballs in 1979. In 1983, it was re-filmed for the Siggraph Art Show using Ed Tannenbaum’s realtime image processor to make an abstracted version, called "Computer Eyepiece." Both Eyepiece and Computer Eyepiece had been exhibited as a site-specific component, integrated into the given environment


Leonardo 25th Anniversary Show, San Francisco, 1997

"The Situated Image," Mandeville Art Gallery, U.C. San Diego, 1987

Silicon Valley Electronic Arts Festival, Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, 1986

Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1984

San Francisco International Video Festival, San Francisco, 1984

Siggraph Artshow, Detroit, 1983

San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival, 1981

New York Avant Garde Festival, 1980

Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT, 1979


Conceived and Produced by Michael Naimark

Computer Eyepiece produced in collaboration with Ed Tannenbaum and supported in part by the 1983 Siggraph Art Show.