michael naimark

Spacecode Camera

Spacecode Camera was an early attempt to integrate spatial sensors into motion picture cameras and to create a common protocol for their data, called "spacecode", in the spirit of timecode. Together with computer graphics and motion control systems designer Richard Hollander, a "manifesto" was written and circulated around the Hollywood camera world, and "spacecode" was provisionally protected as a corporate name. The president of Panavision at the time, John Farrand, with endorsements from Panavision's Andy Romanoff and Moe Shore, agreed to support a modest research effort around one specific application for spacecode. However, an actual "spacecode camera" as envisioned, remained in proposal stages.


Concept in collaboration with Richard Hollander.

Research support from Panavision, Inc.

"Spacecode Manifesto"
written January 1986

State of California
Reservation for Corporate Name
January 1986