michael naimark

Virtuality, Inc.

Virtuality, Inc. In the spring of 1990 Michael Naimark taught a class entitled "Immersive Virtual Environments" at the San Francisco Art Institute. This was a moment in time when "virtual reality" began gaining visibility, particularly through the popular press. The students, both enthusiastic and critical, prepared this tape as their response.


Sigchi Conference "Future Scenario" video (winner, First Award), Monterey, 1992

Siggraph (panel on virtual reality), Dallas, 1990


Conceived and Produced by Michael Naimark's "Immersive Virtual Environments" class, San Francisco Art Institute, 1990

Charles Lassiter, Teaching Assistant, Camera and Editing

Chris Seguine, Computer Graphics

Susan Bahns, Additional Editing
Mark Baker
Mia Frederick
Elaine Frigon
Michal Goralsky
Patricia Keightley
James Lord
Phil Ross
Scott Shat
I-Hwa Wang