Michael Naimark is an artist, inventor, scholar, and coach in emergent media and immersive experiences. (from Medium.com)

artist - over 300 exhibitions, film festivals, and presentations around the world
World Technology Award in the Arts recipient (2002), International Symposium on Electronic Art keynote (2013), MIT VR panel on creativity chair (2015) 
Art & Invention" (20 min) Gray Area Foundation artist presentation (2015) 

inventor - 16 patents issued relating to cameras, display, haptics, and live
- noted in histories of 
Google Street ViewProjection Mapping, and Virtual Reality (and, some claim, the Facebook Like Button)
I used to Think Patents were Cool" (40 min) ZERO1 exhibition opening remarks (2013)

scholar - 26 juried publications, book chapters, and published essays
- faculty at 
NYU ITPUSC Cinema, and the MIT Media Lab since 2009
Thereness" (40 min) Designers + Geeks VR presentation (2015)

coach - taught dozens of classes at 8 universities over 4 decades, plus corporate and nonprofit consulting and advising 
- including for Apple, Disney, Atari, Microsoft, Lucasfilm, Interval, and Google; and for National Geographic, UNESCO, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Exploratorium, the Banff Centre, Ars Electronica, and the Paris Metro
Defusing Glass: Google's Critical Mission" (20 min) Museum of Contemporary Art Australia XMediaLab keynote (2013)